"In this series of a hundred small scale pictures Viktor Koen has redefined the traditional definition of "spot" imagery. "They contain creative explosions usually associated with larger formats. In a two-inch square he has created visual stains that reflect the faults and defects of our human condition and we should thank him for doing so."

Marshall Arisman Chair,
MFA Illustration, SVA
March 1996

It would be glamorous to think of the merging of technology and humanity as harmonious... fluid...artistic. At first glance, these images are more abortion than absorption, more frozen glimpses of unholy harmony than holy matrimony. Look deeper. Metal moans as it collides with human flesh: rivets pop, muscle shreds, structures fuse until we can no longer pinpoint where humanity ends and horror begins. Eerie wailing pierces the depths of your complacent soul - is it human outrage at techno-violation, or even worse, understanding? Screaming fades to acceptance, we taste the fear that the comfortable borders of form and function will never be safe again.

The images are consistent - they do not rant and rave about their symbiosis. They accept themselves. They are harmonious... fluid... artistic. They have a structural integrity. Their hideous overwhelms us: they do not apologize for themselves. They ask no forgiveness, they are much to busy accusing the world for the fact that they belong here: interpretive spiritual visions of what we’ve done to ourselves. They are our children. Do you recognize them?

Jeffrey Lee Simons
Author of Lexicon
December, 1995